What can Just Eat POS do for your business?

Integrate with online delivery platforms

Connect Just Eat POS to your online delivery apps, such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats. Manage all of your orders from one EPOS and change your online menus effortlessly from the Just Eat POS Back Office.

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Keep your delivery drivers connected

See where your drivers are on the map and assign orders to them straight from your EPOS. Just Eat POS’s Driver App alerts your drivers when a new order has been assigned to them and gives your drivers all the order information they need.

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Create your own website

Open up a new online order channel that you control, no coding required. Add your logos and branding, and manage everything through Just Eat POS. Just Eat POS’s website tool comes with a QR code generator and its own analytics suite.

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Manage your menus easily

Just Eat POS gives you complete control of your menus. Make changes with a few clicks in the Back Office and update your online delivery app menus in minutes, without relying on customer service to do it for you.

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Unclutter your workspace

With Just Eat POS’s integrations, you’ll no longer need multiple delivery app tablets and order pads. Free up valuable counter space and run everything from one system.

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A powerful EPOS

Take orders, manage payments and run your restaurant with Just Eat POS.

Your own website

Create a stunning, modern website in minutes for a new way to reach customers. Orders flow straight into Just Eat POS.

The Just Eat POS Driver App

Give your drivers a simple way to stay in touch. Assign orders from the EPOS and see where your drivers are on the map.