Menu management made easy

Take control of your online and offline menus with Practi. Change prices, add new menu items,
and create meal deals with just a few clicks.

How can Practi’s menu management help your business?

Make menu changes
wherever you are

The cloud-based Back Office lets you edit your menu from any device. Create meal deals, change prices, and add new dishes to keep customers coming back.

Control your online channels

Don’t wait for customer service reps to make your changes for you: edit your online delivery app menus yourself. You can also create a menu for your own website with Practi.

Make your menu speak
your language

Send orders to the kitchen in any language. Whether your chefs speak Turkish or Thai, you can set up a system that works for your team.

Keep your menus consistent
and up to date

Your staff will have the most up to date version of the menu and you can oversee the menus of each of your branches. Any changes are instantly reflected in the EPOS.


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