All your orders in one place

Integrate with online delivery platforms to have all of your orders and menus controlled from Practi

Manage all of your takeaway orders from Practi

Receive and manage all your walk-ins, phone, and takeaway app orders directly on Practi.

Manage your online menus
from Practi

Update your menus from Practi and the changes will automatically appear on your food delivery websites and apps.

Streamlining all of our orders through Practi has made life much easier and now we can spend more time on our food.
Kabul City Restaurant

Declutter your workspace

You can say goodbye to all those ordering pads, Practi combines them all.

Minimise errors

No more copying orders out or manually typing them into your EPOS - get them straight
from the source.

Update your online delivery menus with no effort

Take control of your online menus and make changes without relying on delivery platforms (i.e. Just Eat) to do it for you.

Make it simple for your staff

Accept orders, add delivery time, send "On Its Way" notifications… do everything (and more) with just a few taps.

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